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Welcome! This is intended to be your guide for everything you ever wanted to know about lawyers, the types of law they practice, and how you can become a lawyer yourself. The law is an intriguing subject and lawyers, no matter what they do, are considered champions, because they are all working to help out someone. There are many different laws out there, many different kinds of law you can practice, and thus there are many different types of lawyers as well. We are going to discuss those here, as well as a number of other topics.

First of all, we are going to briefly discuss the types of lawyers there are out there - at least, we are going to discuss some of them. There are more specialties than you can even imagine, so we are going to keep our discussion limited to some of the most common and popular kinds of lawyers.

To begin with, there are assault lawyers. These lawyers, naturally, have their specialties in cases revolving around assault, both civil and criminal cases.

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Bankruptcy lawyers are becoming more and more necessary. They help people and companies both file for bankruptcy when that becomes necessary.

Workers compensation lawyers help people when they get injured on the job. Sometimes companies and business do not honor workers compensation laws, so the injured party needs help.

Criminal defense lawyers can help in cases where the client has been charged in a criminal case.

Divorce lawyers help couples who are going through a divorce. Sometimes the couples even use the same lawyer. These types of lawyers help with canceling and the division of property and other assets.

Personal injury lawyers help, generally, in the case of accidents, such as traffic, railway, and plane accidents. However, their scope goes far beyond these injuries as well.

Consumer fraud lawyers are becoming more popular as well, as fraud becomes more common. They help people who have been somehow tricked out of their money.

There are insurance lawyers, property insurance lawyers, life insurance lawyers, and health insurance lawyers. There are medical malpractice lawyers, child support lawyers, child abuse lawyers, a wrongful death attorney and nursing home abuse lawyers. For every type of case, there is almost always a lawyer who specializes in it.

As you might imagine, it can thus be difficult to choose a single type of law to practice. What you need to do is think long and hard about your specific interests. For interest, if you are specifically interested in helping victims, then continue to think about what kinds of victims you want to help. Do you want to work with victims of fraud, victims of physical abuse, or victims of sexual abuse? Would you prefer to work with children? Do you enjoy answering legal questions? Perhaps you want to steer clear of criminal cases and would like to focus on civil laws instead. There's even lawyers who become tv personalities like the famous Dan Abrams. A law degree is versatile, that's for sure.

Whatever type of law you want to practice, you will be able to find a specialty for it. And you will always have resources - such as this site - as well as mentors and advisers who are available to help you make your decision.